Anyone else an over-apologizer?  I apologized for literally the most ridiculous thing last night. As I was typing the apology (via messenger) I realized it was ridiculous, commented as such, but continued to say I was sorry anyway. WTF is that?! And then.. my favorite, apologizing for apologizing. Please tell me I’m not the only one doing this. I say I’m sorry, the person is like.. “oh, you don’t have to apologize,” and then I’m like… “Oh, okay… sorry… ” What is this? I feel like I apologize for being me. And this has gotta stop. Seriously. If I do something wrong, or bad, or hurt someone or… obviously there are a million good, legitimate reasons to apologize but all the bazillion dumb reasons I say it, no more! I don’t do the pop music – I fall more into indie, alternative, punk, whatever – but a part of me loves the Demi Lovato (just to prove how out of touch I am, I had to google how to spell her last name, I had something that kinda looked like a Harry Potter spell, originally) song, “Sorry Not Sorry” There is something really empowering about being savage, when called for. I’m not say be a bitch to errbody, but… ya know, do no harm, but take no shit. So… again, I’m not all woo-woo resolution, new year, new me nonsense up on here but… I’m sorry not sorry.

5 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. From Galaxie 500’s “Sorry”
    “Well I’m sorry ’bout the weather
    And I’m sorry that the drive was much too far
    Seems like everything is business
    And we’re sorry all the time
    When we’re home (All alone)
    What is home? (On your own)
    Home is home (All Alone)
    Where we love the weather
    Are you sorry that you love me?
    Am I sorry I love you too?
    Seems it doesn’t make a difference
    That we’re sorry all the time”
    Saw your face on Tinder…like your blog!

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