Anyone else an over-apologizer?  I apologized for literally the most ridiculous thing last night. As I was typing the apology (via messenger) I realized it was ridiculous, commented as such, but continued to say I was sorry anyway. WTF is that?! And then.. my favorite, apologizing for apologizing. Please tell me I’m not the only one doing this. I say I’m sorry, the person is like.. “oh, you don’t have to apologize,” and then I’m like… “Oh, okay… sorry… ” What is this? I feel like I apologize for being me. And this has gotta stop. Seriously. If I do something wrong, or bad, or hurt someone or… obviously there are a million good, legitimate reasons to apologize but all the bazillion dumb reasons I say it, no more! I don’t do the pop music – I fall more into indie, alternative, punk, whatever – but a part of me loves the Demi Lovato (just to prove how out of touch I am, I had to google how to spell her last name, I had something that kinda looked like a Harry Potter spell, originally) song, “Sorry Not Sorry” There is something really empowering about being savage, when called for. I’m not say be a bitch to errbody, but… ya know, do no harm, but take no shit. So… again, I’m not all woo-woo resolution, new year, new me nonsense up on here but… I’m sorry not sorry.