Weird red flag, but hear me out

We have… eclectic muzak at my job. Truth Hurts by Lizzo came on. I’m singing along, because I’m me, and it’s that song.

My somewhat young (mid-20s, which compared to me, feels young) male coworker immediately hopped into this mini rant about how he hates that song. He can’t stand Lizzo.

Not he’s tired of the song, which I personally wouldn’t understand, but I could accept. Not that he doesn’t really like that style of music. No. Hates that song. Doesn’t like her.

What does Lizzo stand for? Radical self-love and acceptance. Wickedly brash and bold confidence. Feeling empowered and fully embodying a take no shit attitude. And I believe she wants to set that example for everyone, but let’s be real, as a female artist, she is going to potentially be seen as a more relatable role model for women. (Though, everyone, literally everyone, could benefit from adopting a What Would Lizzo Do attitude every now and then.)

So… This young man, proclaiming he hates a song, an anthem of power and sass… low-key red flags to me, he maybe doesn’t like powerful, sassy people. If a man is hating on Lizzo, or her message, dude, red flag.

Again, if he said he was sick of the song, I mean.. I personally could listen to that song like… 3 times a day, every day, and I would still be vibing, but okay, I concede it was maybe a little bit overplayed, but that wasn’t his sentiment.

If he said he only listens to insert a non-Lizzo genre, well, that’s low-key a red flag in and of itself. I’m not saying you have to love everything but if you only do one style of anything (food, movies, music, etc.) A.) I’m gonna assume sex with you is real real boring and B.) I’m going to assume you are kind of close minded all around, being so closed off to things outside your comfort zone and again, I personally don’t find either of those options attractive in a partner.

I’m… somewhat particular in my tastes/preferences, though I find them expanding the older I get. But even bands or movies or books I don’t like, I typically hold a mindset of, it’s not for me, but I’m glad it exists for those that do enjoy it. It’s that simple. And extrapolate that out to anything. It’s getting hot outside, non -thin people may be wearing shorts and tank tops, maybe if you were the same size as the person you’re looking at, you wouldn’t wear that, but be happy they are comfortable and trying to keep cool.

Anyway, yeah, if he hates on Lizzo, it’s a no from me, dawg.

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