Happy New Month!

Okay, I admit “Happy New Month” doesn’t flow quite as well as, “Happy New Year” but hear me out.

A.) Why wait until January 1st to make positive changes? I get it. New year, new you. That’s so so so great. But.. like… why not New Month, new you? Fuck it, why not New Day, new you? Like… why wait, why delay, why deny the opportunity to improve or change or grow? I love the drama of the ultimate fresh start, but I got shit to work on, and imma start today. July 1st, baby.

B.) Why do we place less importance on the start of a month, than we do the start of the year? Like.. there are a few calenders floating around out there, January 1st ain’t the be all, end all, in every culture, you know? Some of the other new years don’t even have an exact date, it just depends on the year to when it’s celebrated. Like… this is the only July 1st, 2021 you’re gonna get, ever. That makes it significant, I think.

So, in conclusion (or something…) today is amazing, you are amazing, start new goals on a random Thursday and live your best life every day.

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