Find Your Bunny!

Merry Easter, y’all!

I know, I know. Covid this, quarantine that. I get it. Kinda. I’m “essential”, and still kinda business as usual. But I understand the world is beyond topsy turvy for a lot of people right now. Which is why I want to encourage everyone to find their bunny.

I’m not exclusively talking about a romantic partner, though I get rabbits do have a certain reputation for being a bit.. uh… amorous… I’m talking about that person that you can wholly go down that rabbit hole (not a sexual innuendo, I swear) with. With physical contact limited, this level of mental and emotional connection becomes that much more important.

So, everyone has gone down a wiki rabbit hole, yes? I’ll play now, just to see what happens. I started with the band I’m currently listening, The Dead South, and after a brief stop at “throat singing”, I ended up at “Quasiperiodicity”. Now, this was not a fully wiki rabbit hole exploration, it was more of a quick 6 degrees of wiki separation game, but you get my point. You end up in some weird and remote places. So.. I’m screaming… find someone who will go to those places with you. Your bunny. For life rabbit hole explorations.

I am super lucky. I have several bunnies. A fleet of fuzzies. If I wanna chat tarot cards and spells and energy, I have my guy for that. Metal music and movies and milkshakes? Got a dude. Again, connection and community. I get we’re all social distancing, but I also get we all have the internet and you can find one, if not a million, bunnies, down most holes you tumble down, a la Alice in Quarantine Land.

I don’t even know why I’m writing really. This post is… I don’t know. Even with my amazing flock of bunnies, I still struggle with feeling disconnected sometimes and I think that’s feeling… unconnected from myself. So, I write. Words for me. Maybe for you. General vibe reminders. If you’re disconnected, dive deeply into whatever weird (but legal!) shit you’re into, and look around, see who else is there. And if you somehow are unable to find anyone, dig in that much deeper and then shine out your beautiful beacon. Be the bunny that others find when they finally get there. And don’t discredit taking time to dive in, inwards. Shine your light on and into yourself, too.

I could get into an #alonetogether moment, but.. find people who are more than just that. Really take the time people have right now to figure out your passion, yourself, your community. Again, being in “lockdown” is physical, it does not have to be mental or emotional. I think people are searching, now more than ever, more earnestly and more openly than ever, for people they resonate with. But you gotta be singing to see who you harmonize with, you know?

The world is weird. So are you. So am I. We’ll get through this. But it’ll be easier as a band of bunnies checking up on each other. … happy Easter!

One thought on “Find Your Bunny!

  1. I love “In hell I’ll be good company” from The Dead South. I haven’t caught on to anything else yet.
    I’m an essential worker too, but I took what extra time I had to become a huge Nightwish fan. 🙂


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