Tattoos and Love….

One of my jobs is at a tattoo shop.  It’s pretty great. If you’re in Ohio, hit me up, come in and see us!  Anyway.. so one of my guys just told a 17 year old girl, getting her first tattoo, “It’s permanent, in that it’s always there, but it’s not permanent in that it will always look the same.”  And I was instantly hit by how much that kind of mirrors love for me. (He was getting at things like stretching, fading, just generally aging of the skin, by the way)  But yeah.  I think of like… my first serious boyfriend, 15 years ago, when I was 19 (god damn I’m old!) and… we’re not together, we barely talk.. just life happened and is still actively happening for both of us so…  but I still do have love for him. I always will. Is it that bold, bright, crazy, die for you, passionate love?  No. But if he ever needed someone to talk to, I’d freakin be there, ya know?  Because while the specifics of love change, the look of the love is not permanent, the actual love is permanent.  Once you hit me on that soul level, you reside there, in some capacity like.. straight up, legit, for life. You tattoo me. Just a lightning bolt thought that hit me. Haven’t written in ages. Another love of mine mentioned I hadn’t posted in a while so… things are good, love is life, be kind to each other.

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