Being Okay is Okay

Here’s an example of a conversation I have with various people, on basically any given day:

Person: How are you?

Me: I’m okay.

Person: Just okay?

Me: … Yep. I’m okay.

So, I know people maybe hear, “I’m okay,” as me saying I’m not good, or great, or fabulously fantastic but like.. holy hell guys, “I’m okay,” also means I’m not awful, or horrible or wallowing in a pit of despair.

I feel like there is this pressure to be thriving, not just surviving… I may in fact have written something about that on here in a previous post, and of course being amazing is preferable but… feeling pressure to feel better than okay, makes me feel not okay, you know?

I am  not able to live a luxurious lifestyle. I’m not able to indulge in wanderlust. I’m not having crazy adventures all the time. My life is pretty simple. I work a lot. I socialize when I can. I try to better myself a little bit every now and then. But it’s very ordinary. It’s very… okay. I have days that are just peak awesomeness. And I have days that are absolute nightmares. I average out to okay. I want to own my okayness. And I want to stop the okay-shaming. The next time someone tells me they are “okay”, I’m gonna celebrate the shit out of that, because you know what, there are a ton of people who would give anything for an okay day.

(Also, I fully realize this is not a great post. It’s just okay. And that’s why I’m in love with it.)

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