Death : The Tarot Perspective


I love tarot cards. I have for about 20 years now. (Crap, I’m old.) I am in no way a proficient reader. But I love them, none the less, and own many decks. Many. It’s bad. Anyway. Death. Let’s talk about death. Y’all have seen a movie or tv show at some point in time where a character goes to the fortune teller and gets the Death card and then tragically dies the next day.

I hate this. Let me tell you why I love the Death card.

I have yet to see or find a deck or a reader who takes the Death card as literal, physical death. I am sure there are a few, but I’d confidently say they are in the minority. The overall impression of the Death card is transformation, change, dying to self, removal of things… it’s actually a super cool card. If you think about the idea of reincarnation, that is more in line with the Death card. It’s about transitioning. Or a snake, shedding its skin.

I don’t know exactly what I think happens when we die. Maybe we are reborn, maybe we are judged and assigned an eternal location, or maybe we just stop and rot. But in all of those scenarios, they are all a change from where and what we are currently. People are afraid of death, which has always seemed silly to me, it would be like being afraid of breathing, it happens, it has to happen; living in fear of something that is inevitable seems like a waste of life – which is the thing we should actually be afraid of. And I think working with tarot as long as I have and building my relationship with the Death card, campaigning for it as (to me) a pretty positive card, has only made me less afraid of death.

So, if you ever get a tarot reading and you get the Death card, it’s okay. Think of an old habit that you need to quit, a way of life that is no longer conducive, a relationship that is toxic. Will that thing, that aspect, dying off be hard and potentially painful? Oh hell yeah, but it is necessary and will it foster growth and improvement? For sure. You know in some vampire movies, when a mortal is turned and they have to die to be reborn? But then they get to be like.. a bad ass immortal vampire? Yeah, that’s what the Death card offers you.

Now if you get the Tower card on the other hand… watch your ass… đŸ˜‰

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