As I sit here, eating a fruit roll up, which is the same consistency as edible panties (give or take, the panties are a little more… plasticy), I wonder if people are viewing my blog, thinking it’s porn, since the word ass in it. Or if they are searching like… anal sex type stuff, and finding me instead. This idea makes me laugh, hardcore.

3 thoughts on “Wondering

  1. I saw this quote from you on Facebook, “My boyfriend has a drinking problem… he isn’t one to yell but… it definitely is trying at times. Light and hugs and happiness to you” so, I decided to look at you. I saw your webpage and thought I’d come take a look. I’m thinking about starting a webpage..


    1. I think everyone, if they feel led, should start a site. Write, draw, sing. Express yourself, fully and unapologetically. (Sorry for the crazy delay, I went M.I.A from here for a bit!) Thank you for reading and reaching out!


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