Willkommen. Bienvenue. Welcome.

I started this a year ago. I wrote two post. And then I went beyond half assing. I zero assed. Nothing. Nada. Epic assless failure, my friends. So. I’m back. My head is here. My heart is here. My.ass.is.here, ya’ll.

What is this blog gonna be? Offensive. Silly. Irreverent. But, hopefully also engaging, and thought-provoking. I am as real as they get. I’m messy, and needy and sometimes grumpy. But I’m also giving and loving and explorative. (Apparently explorative isn’t a word… huh. So, this blog is also gonna be where we make up words to express ourselves.)

I’m putting back up my original welcome post, because it still basically outlines what I want to be doing here. I am re-tooling some goal type stuff for myself – getting a jump start, pre-new year (“I made my goals before it was cool,” I will haughtily say, while sipping on an IPA); and this space, is definitely on that list. It is with fingers crossed, and cheeks clenched, I re-embark on this project.

If you’re here, say hi. Or tell me to piss off. Or send me a dick pic. Or spill your guts. When I say my whole ass is here, honey, I mean it. I am so on board to go overboard. I want it all. Good, bad, ridiculous, terrible. Bring.it.on.

“life is far more interesting when love is odd” – topher kearby


One thought on “Welcome

  1. When I was young and my father was talking to one of the other parents about our team he would say “well, my son’s not fast….but he’s not slow either…he’s kinda half fast.

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